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Auto Insurance Claims


Florida is a no-fault insurance state. If you are injured in an accident, your car insurance will pay your medical costs up to your policy’s limits, regardless of who caused the accident.

Motor Vehicle Accident claims often result in serious bodily injury to the personnel responsible for managing this financial class. The patient, lawyers, Doctors, the responsible parties involved and numerous insurance companies makes it easy to understand why they’re so complicated and time consuming. TBS has a unique method to expedite payment on your M.V.A. accounts.

The syncretistic nature of managing a Motor Vehicle Accident account can make appropriate reimbursement challenging. We work closely with the patient’s attorney or representative to ensure that the facility is compensated for their services provided to an injured patient.

We have experienced Accounts Specialist who are specifically trained to manage this type of financial class. We are vastly proficient with the laws and procedures required to expedite the resolution of these types of accounts.

Our experienced staff maintains contact with all parties including the patient, other parties involved in the accident itself, the insurance carriers, and the attorneys associated with the accident. We apply our legal expertise and conscientious management to ensure that all documentation is accurately completed and filed in a timely manner.

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