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Physician Credentialing Services & Also Read Its Process

Q:  What is credentialing?
Credentialing is the systematic process of collecting and verifying relevant education, training, licensure, professional references, background, and certifications to provide patient care before a provider is allowed to see patients.

Q: Who can help me with this process?
A: TBS employs full-time Credentialing Coordinators. Their job is to make sure each physician and advanced practice provider (NP/PA) stays on course to complete their hospital credentialing paperwork as quickly as possible. For more information call us at 954-440-3008.

Q: What will the credentialing process require?
A: We will send you a list of all documents and paperwork we will need. Some of these include a copy of your driver’s license, medical diploma, internship and residency diplomas, a passport-sized photo, a current CV, your medical license from all states in which you have worked, your Florida Controlled Substance Permit (DPS), your federal DEA permit, your board certificate, your ACLS, ATLS, and PALS or BLS certificates and your NPI number. Your Credentialing Coordinator will send this checklist to you, as well as advise you on any particular requirements at the hospital where you will be credentialing.

Q: How long will my credentialing take?
A: The credentialing process can be a long one. Hospitals require primary source verification of your complete history and hospital affiliations since medical school, as well as education verification and peer references to meet Joint Commission requirements.

Your Credentialing Coordinator can give you an estimate of how long the process will take.

On average, once the hospital receives your completed application and all required documents, it takes 60 to 90 days (longer if you have been in practice for a while). Please note that some hospitals will not begin processing an application until all training has been completed and verified. Additionally, some hospitals will not process an application until a Florida medical license (or a temporary license) has been issued.

Q: What can I expect in the process?
A: After an offer is made and your Credentialing Coordinator receives your file, you will be sent a pre-populated Florida Standardized Credentialing Application and the hospital credentialing packet along with a return envelope. All forms will be flagged and highlighted for your convenience. You need to return your packet within two weeks to stay on track for your credentialing process to proceed smoothly.

When we receive the packet back in our office, we will review it for accuracy and completeness and forward it on to the hospital. The hospital will conduct primary source verifications for your education, previous work history, past and current hospital affiliations, and peer references.

After the file is deemed complete by the hospital medical staff office, your file goes before the credentials committee and finally to the board of the hospital, which gives final approval of privileges. These boards sometimes meet monthly and some only quarterly, so it is imperative to return paperwork in a timely manner.
Please note that each hospital’s credentialing process is different, and more documentation or less work may be required of you depending on the facility you have selected.

Q: What is the difference between work history and hospital affiliation?
A: Work history refers to the group or clinic that employed you, while hospital affiliation is the facility at which you practiced/held privileges.

Q: Why did I receive paperwork from a billing company?
A: In addition to the hospital packet, you will receive a financial credentialing packet from Intermedix. The billing office will submit the paperwork necessary to assign Medicare, Medicaid and Blue Cross Blue Shield numbers that will be needed to bill patients and receive reimbursements. TBS Credentialing Coordinators will provide Intermedix with preliminary information to enable them to send you the packet. They will also send Intermedix copies of any applicable documents necessary to submit your application to the carriers that you have already provided to TBS.

Q: Can TBS Credentialing Coordinators help me with licensure questions?
A: Yes, and we are happy to do so! We can assist you with questions regarding the Florida medical license process, Florida controlled substance permit, and the federal DEA permit.

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